Where to Buy the Best Winter Gear for Camping in the USA

Winter camping with its solemn snowy landscape, frosty air and unique challenges  can be quite appealing for outdoor activities’ lovers. However, to truly enjoy winter camping, one must be well prepared with the right gear. There are numerous retailers, both online and offline, offering a variety of camping gear of various brands. This article will guide you through some of the best places to buy winter camping gear in the USA.

Specialty Outdoor Retailers

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) www.rei.com

REI is one of the most well-known outdoor retailer in the USA, known for its high-quality sports and camping gear. Here you can find a vide range of goods, from insulated tents and sleeping bags to portable heaters and snowshoes. REI staff is usually quite good experts and are ready to help you choose the right option. 

Backcountry backcountry.com

Backcountry.com is a haven for outdoor lovers, specializing on hiking and four-season camping and offering an extensive selection of products, from trekking poles to sleeping bags and tents. Known for its premium brands, this online shop also provides detailed product reviews. 

Eastern Mountain Sports www.ems.com

With a focus on the East Coast, Eastern Mountain Sports offers a variety of winter camping gear that stands up to the harsh conditions of the northeastern winters. Here there is a huge choice of goods for all types of camping activities, such as hiking, cycling, climbing and skiing. From down jackets and thermal layers to heavy-duty boots, which are perfect for winter. 

Cabela’s www.cabelas.com/shop/en

Cabela’s is famous for its hunting and fishing gear, but it also offers robust options for winter campers. They have a sufficient range of insulated clothing, durable cookware, and accessories that are essential for any winter camping trip, such as navigation and radios, cookware and camp furniture. 

Local Outdoor Shops

Don’t overlook local outdoor shops in your search for winter camping gear. These stores often carry unique brands and can be a great source for localized advice on what gear works best for the specific winter conditions in your area.

Outdoor Gear Exchange Websites

If you are keen on winter travelling but not so keen on parting with your money, it is a good idea to use websites like GearTrade and REI’s used gear section, which allow to purchase second-hand gear at a lower price. This is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Military Surplus Stores

They are often overlooked, however military surplus stores can be an excellent source for durable and very affordable winter camping gear. Items like thermal blankets, sturdy boots, and heavy coats are available here at a less cost than those in commercial stores, specialised on winter camping. 

Specialty Winter Gear Brands

Among the variety of companies, specializing on winter clothes, there are some remarkable names. Patagonia is known for its commitment to sustainability and  high-quality, which make their goods serve long enough. The North Face is one of the leaders in outdoor gear, focusing on combining functionality with comfort.  Another giant in this field, MarmotMarmot has a reputation for creating some of the warmest sleeping bags and winter tents. They are a bargain for travelers in extremely cold conditions. 

Tips for Purchasing Winter Camping Gear

While choosing the gear for winter camping, take your time and make no fuss. Research before you buy: read the reviews, talk to your friends, try it on instore if possible.  Make quality prevail over quantity: it is better to buy more expensive but durable goods, which will serve you for years. When buying the clothes, mind the layering, so that to adjust to changing temperatures. And of course, safety goes first: ensure the dangerous equipment like stoves, insulations and climbing gear is reliable. It is sometimes better to pay more, but secure your holidays so that to enjoy them to the fullest.

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