Road Accident Compensation: Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you have had a road accident at least once, you probably know that getting fair compensation of your damages from the insurance company can be a longtime and painful process. Here are some tips and solutions how to speed it up and get the maximum from the insurers. 

Know Your Policy Inside and Out

To begin with, you should understand what you can apply for and the range of possible compensation you are entitled to get. Therefore, read your policy up and down to get clear understanding of the coverage details, omissions and exclusions. It is highly recommended to do it before contacting the insurance company. Knowing the specifics will help you to prevent insurers from denying claims unjustly.

Document Everything

Documenting your insurance case starts right after the accident. Take photos of all the cars, involved in the accident, immediately after the accident happened. Get the names and contacts of witnesses and injured or faulty parties. Obtain a copy of the police report and keep recordsand bills of all medical visits and treatments. The more documents you have, the more significant your claim will look. 

Get a Thorough Medical Evaluation

Remember that hidden injuries are possible, which are not immediately apparent right after the accident, but might come out later. So do not underestimate the importance of a thorough medical evaluation. Having a comprehensive medical report from the start can be crucial for further compensation. 

Understand the Full Extent of Your Damages

To maximize your compensation, think of all damages and costs you have after the accident. These include not only repair bills and medical costs, but also lost profit, taxi bills and moral damage as well. Don’t forget to document all these costs! Consider also the future post-treatment therapy and rehabilitation costs.  

Don’t Settle Too Quickly

Insurance companies are eager to close the cases quickly and cost-effectively. Therefore, they might offer you a prompt solution to agree. However, such first offers are usually well below the requested amount. Take your time and negotiate, use the services of a professional consultant if necessary. Time works for you. 

Negotiate Assertively

When negotiating with insurance companies, self-confidence and assertiveness is the key to success. Know your rights, present your evidence, do not panic or argue if your request is declined or the amount is noticeably lowered at the beginning. Be patient, consistent and stick to the details of your insurance policy and evidence. Getting the right amount of compensation is a process of negotiations!

Consider Hiring an Attorney

In some cases, hiring an attorney may be beneficial, especially if the claim is significant or the insurance company is uncooperative. An experienced personal injury lawyer can handle negotiations on your behalf, using their expertise to maximize your compensation.

Be Wary of Surveillance

Did you know that insurance companies sometimes conduct surveillance on claimants? They do so to minimize or deny a claim. That’s why it is a good idea to be very careful about your posts on social media and other public actions. Cheating about a small detail, once discovered by the insurance company’s representatives,  can be crucial for the whole case. So, if you attach taxi bills to your claim, you should not be seen going to work by bike. 

Keep Detailed Records of All Correspondence

Maintaining a detailed record of all interactions with the insurance company is also recommended. In case of misunderstanding or stagnation with negotiations, having a detailed history of interaction might really help. 

Know When to Escalate

Be patient, however, do not wait too long. Sometimes insurance companies are trying to delay the proceedings intentionally, waiting for you to calm down and agree to whatever they offer.  If the insurance company is unresponsive or unwilling to offer fair compensation, it is your right to involve arbitration, mediation or even filing a lawsuit. 

Getting a fair compensation from insurance companies after a road accident can be challenging. To make it successful and most beneficial, you should know your rights, be patient and consistent, collect and provide as many documents as possible, and use the services of professional consultants and lawyers if necessary. Negotiate wisely and assertively, take your time and be sure, getting the maximus is possible!

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